Step1: You need to buy ICP from any exchange like or or any exchange that offers ICP tokens to stake in NNS ( Network Nervous System)

Binance Wallet of ICP Tokens

The above image is from , and that’s how much I have in my wallet.

Step 2: Go to on your browser and create an account.

I have faced this issue twice and was completely clueless.

The 1st Time, I faced this issue was when i pulled out my earphones harshly from the headphone jack and the mute button got greyed out.

I tried every possible thing i knew and eventually ended up formatting and reinstalling OS on my MacBook , and the issue was fixed.

The 2nd Time, was again a similar incident when i tried to pull out the earphones from the headphone jack and it was gone again.

Mute Button Greyed Out

How can you solve this ? Will surely work in anyone of this steps*


Krishna Gaurav

Interaction Designer

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