How to fix the mute button that is stuck or greyed out on MacBook Pro 2017/18 ?

I have faced this issue twice and was completely clueless.

The 1st Time, I faced this issue was when i pulled out my earphones harshly from the headphone jack and the mute button got greyed out.

I tried every possible thing i knew and eventually ended up formatting and reinstalling OS on my MacBook , and the issue was fixed.

The 2nd Time, was again a similar incident when i tried to pull out the earphones from the headphone jack and it was gone again.

How can you solve this ? Will surely work in anyone of this steps*

1. Try pulling in and pulling out as recommended by the netizens ( 20 -30 times) Did not work

2. Resetting PRAM on MacBook ( Shut down macbook and Press the power button and then press command-option-P-R )

3. Try SMC Reset — Press at the same time shift-option-control (on the left side of the machine) and the power button

4. Try Diagnostic Test on MacBook Pro ( for hardware issues ) — link here very simple — just keep holding D Key when u restart and u can follow instructions

5. Try creating a different user and see if problem persists, Try with admin and standard user

6. Try once rebooting in safe mode and check if the problem still persists. holding shift while u restart Mac

my problem was there was some other audio device driver installed on my mac which i have never remember installing it. so please check that too..

click apple logo — about this mac — system report and click on audio, you should only see these devices.. if anything abnormal software found delete it.

7. Go to library — audio — plugins — HAL — and delete here if u find anything abnormal

Restart mac and check . it will work

Do this at last, go to step “if all fails, u need to reinstall OS, this wont delete the data.”

if that also doesn’t work completely wipe data / format completely after taking a backup.

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